Pokkén Tournament Spells Another Round of Nintendo Collaboration

A special stream took place in Japan this afternoon promising big news for Pokémon fans; news that is now confirmed to be that of Pokken Tournament – an action/brawler staring your favourite tough-guy ‘Mons.

It’s slightly strange to see Pokémon actively beating each other to a pulp – despite that being the basis of every main game of the series. The difference being rather than having animations and sprites imply physical contact in battles, these Pokémon will actually swing for the hit.

Pokken Tournament – being developed by the creative minds being Tekken hasn’t exactly come about out of the blue. The title was teased in a fuzzy video playing on the showfloor of the Pokémon Game Show exhibition in Japan last year, with trademarks for “Pokken Fighters” and “Pokken Tournament” popping up shortly after; so it seems one of those actually stuck.

Sadly, the game in its current state is slated for a 2015 release as an arcade cabinet in Japan only. Though we’ll probably never see it reach the dying trend of overseas arcade establishments, there’s nothing to forbid the game eventually making the jump to the WiiU in the future.

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