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Review Policy

TheGamersHub operates a “out of Ten” score policy, where we – unsurprisingly – score games out of ten at the end of our reviews.

While we’d rather ditch scores and let you decide based on our reviews, we understand that sometimes the best way for you to feel like you know whether a game is worth your money is to quantify a developer’s efforts in the form of a number. So, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Every game will receive a score out of ten that increases in ‘.5’ increments.

We don’t just gauge a game’s worth by plucking a score out of thin air though. Instead we sum it up by judging its audio and visual quality as well as the value for money you get from your purchase. We also look at how innovative it is compared to its peers, and assess just how enjoyable the gameplay is too.

Of course, we don’t bog our score summary up with all that information anymore. Instead we boil it down to a list of Pros and Cons to help inform you about how we came to our final decision.

Here’s a breakdown of what each score means:

0.0 = Just to utter its name causes immense pain to anyone in the vicinity

1.0 = Diabolical. Broken, buggy, and worse than a pair of scissors to the eye

2.0 = Awful in nearly every way, but somewhere in there are good intentions

3.0 = Dull, dreary and arduous. Could have been enjoyable, but it doesn’t try hard enough

4.0 = Sub-par fun with the occasional glimmer of what it could have really been

5.0 = Average. Nothing new can be found here, and while entertaining at times, it’s really just business as usual

6.0 = Now we’re talking. Well-formed fun, let down only by lack of ambition or originality

7.0 = Great. What you’re looking for most of the time. Good fun can be had here, but it’s not bucking the trend enough to be truly special

8.0 = Excellent. Experiments with the genre and in doing so feels fresh, but it’s still stuck in some old ways to be genre defining

9.0 = Near perfect. This is epitomises gaming and everything it stands for, yet it’s missing that extra-layer of polish to make it a shining beacon for the ages

10 = Perfect. Godlike. These don’t arrive often, but it’s the best you’ll see on any platform for years to come. You’ll regale tales to your grandchildren about this for years.

At the end of the day, all scores are based on the opinions of our writers. And, while we sanity check them so that games like Shaq-Fu don’t wind up with a 10 for ‘lulz’, we do stand by all scores our reviewers give out – so be nice.