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Roccatt Unleashes Gaming Keyboards on US Market

Peripheral manufacturer Roccatt has released its new series of Ryos gaming keyboards today. Two are available now, while the third, the Ryos MK Pro, won’t his stores until Mid-November.

A quick summary of each –

The first keyboard in the series is the Ryos MK ($99.99 USD). The Ryos MK is equipped withblack Cherry MX key switches and is aimed at PC gaming purists. Its 2MB of built-in flash memory allows for over 500 macros to be recorded and stored on board.

Next in line is the Ryos MK Glow ($139.99), which features the same technical specifications as the MK while adding full backlighting in the color blue – with an LED underneath each and every key. The illumination level is fully adjustable in the driver software that comes with every ROCCAT product. Also equipped with black Cherry MX key switches, the MK Glow is designed for gamers.

The final model of the series is the Ryos MK Pro ($169.99). It features an additional ARM Cortex processor which is responsible solely for handling the keyboard’s configurable per-key illumination. The Ryos MK Pro is also available in four different Cherry MX key switch colors: black, brown, blue and red.


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