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Sakaguchi’s Newest Game Could Be Coming To Consoles After All

Hironobu Sakaguchi, the father of Final Fantasy, defected over to his own company – Mistwalker – quite a few years ago. Since then, he put out brilliant RPG titles such as Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey and The Last Story before moving his business endeavours, like many others, into the realm of mobile gaming. Following his 2 mobile releases so far, Terra Battle comes in as his third.

With the newest trailer for the upcoming strategy RPG, it was revealed that amongst the plethora of new additions that will make their way into the game (such as new characters, music and game-modes) as it reaches ever-growing download counts, Sakaguchi is prepared to develop a console version should the original conjure up 2 million hits.

The nature of the game doesn’t seem like it would take that kind of traction to see a mere port over to other machines, and that’s leading many to believe the required 2 million downloads is enough to bring Mr. Sakaguchi’s attention over to developing a fleshed-out version akin to his more prolific games.

While this is purely speculation, there’s certainly a lot of heart of soul going into this project by a number of high-profile Japanese creators across the game’s other download milestones, so a final present of this kind doesn’t seem completely out of the question.


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