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Singstar is fun, it’s always been fun. It was fun when I was 14 and high on sugar, warbling into a wired microphone in my friends livingroom. And, it’s still fun sat on sofa, drunk off my face with my housemate and friends screeching into an iPhone app. It’s a game that can get avid gamers singing at the top of their voice, and convince someone who’s never picked up a gamepad or used a PlayStation to spend hours perfecting their singing voice. Singstar has been, and always will be, a game for the masses. But the PlayStation 4 debut of Singstar Ultimate Party is perhaps the most disappointing entry in the series so far.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good fun with friends, but this is one meagre entry for something slating itself as an ‘ultimate party’. Purchasing the blu-ray release bags you a handful of chart-topping songs that you may or may not want to sing, and downloading the free app allows you to purchase some songs more suitable to your tastes for less than the retail release.

If you go for the retail option you can look forward to around thirty tracks from Kylie Minogue, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Pharell Williams, to name the big few. It’s not really to my personal tastes – bar a bit of ‘Hello’ – but it’s fun all the same if all you want is a handful of tunes for a party.

Of course, you can always visit the store and purchase more music at an absurd price – £1.15 a track, are you serious Sony? You’d also hope that with its music streaming service, Music Unlimited, Sony would be offering up far more music on the Singstar store than it actually is.

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At this point I’m sure those of you who have been invested in the Singstar world for quite some time would like to be comforted by the fact you can take across your extensive PS3 library of songs across to the PS4 release. Well, sorry, you can’t. I’m not sure, exactly why that’s the case, but it is. I’m sure it’s something to do with attaining licensing to carry songs across, but frankly it feels like a bit of an oversight.

Things don’t improve when it comes to the singing department either. Initially we opted for just shouting at my TV via the PlayStation Eye, but that didn’t quite manage to pick up the wonderful nuance in our performance. So, it was on to the iOS app to be used as a microphone. It faired far better, letting us truly show our prowess at being awful at a Singstar game, but it also let us down when it came to those cringeworthy game replays. Essentially it didn’t let us hear ourselves while singing, and it was quite clear there was some audio lag too.

Putting those issues aside, there isn’t even an awful lot for you to be doing. For some reason there’s no ‘Party’ mode to enjoy, which is perplexing given the game’s name, and compared to past entries it’s a little threadbare.

Essentially, this is the weakest entry for the PlayStation 3 Singstar series. And, as a start on the PlayStation 4, it’s a disappointment. It may be fun with friends, but unless you’re happy about losing a raft of PS3 songs you’ve purchased, having a sub-par singing experience, and don’t get easily bored by a handful of modes, then spring for the blu-ray. Otherwise maybe it’s just worth grabbing a couple of choice songs and the free PlayStation Network download.

TheGamersHub Score
Reviewer: Vaughn.H
+ Pros

+ It's somehow still good fun with friends

+ Being able to share game footage is hilarious

- Cons

- Lacking in song choice

- Microphone app is little more than a novelty

- Can’t carry many PS3 songs over to PS4

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