SLYR: Assassins Creed Black Flag Edition Headset Review

Skull Candy takes its awesome SLYR headset and gives it some Assassin love by combining great sound and a beautiful look, these are hard to pass up. I have to say the SLYR headset is the best headset you can buy – in my opinion at least – with a reasonable  price tag of $89.99. Now sporting the very awesome Assassin’s Creed IV logo proudly on the side, this headset hands down is the best bang for your buck.

With a lightweight feel, and an over-the-ear set-up, it’s simply amazing the sound quality you can get from this bad boy. Everything comes in crystal clear, with no lag in sound or static white noise. I found pushing it to max volume there was some audible leakage, but it blocked out all sounds from the outside world. This is nice if you appreciate no interruption in your gaming sessions.

The GMX Mixer makes it very easy to switch between different sound settings, showing a light that changes based on what setting you’re on. This also means that balancing between listening to a fellow player and the actual in-game audio is a button press away. Everything is clearly indicated, and when you’ve reached the max level of a setting the indicator flashes. There’s three EQ settings on the side, which change your experience in sound, and each one has a clear difference, giving detail in every sound you hear based on your settings. It took me a bit a time to find that right sound that I liked but, once found, I was blown away.

This special edition headset is more than just a visual makeover as it’s also made especially to enhance the sound of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. There’s a special EQ setting that’s a treat for any fans of the Assassin’s Creed series and want a bit more out of the sound. In a strange way, it became the best companion; as cheesy as it sounds, I felt in the moment as I played.


That said, set up is easy, and it works for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, with little noticeable depreciation in quality from system to system. I have to say the only problem is the abundance of wire. Having to wrap so much excess wire is unnecessary, it makes you wish you had a retractable wire – or perhaps someone had though of going wireless.

Still, the headset is pretty darn sleek and made both to be a headset/headphones combo thanks to an easily storable microphone. Just flip it up and plug them into any MP3 player you have, and take them on the go. You will lose the GMX Mixer mind, but it still holds up as an excellent pair of headphones.

I put it through its paces, tried every aspect on offer, and have to say that – other than the long wire – this really is a fantastic headset. However, there’s no love for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One here, but it does seem to work for in-game audio on the PS4 – even if there’s no chat functionality. But it’s not made for those consoles, so it’s hard to advocate it for such a use. Still, I highly recommend these bad boys to anybody looking for a good headset without wanting to break the piggy in the process.

Audio – 5/5: Crystal clear herd everything as if right next to me

Aesthetics – 4/5: I hate the overly long wire, but the headset itself is gorgeous and sleek and is made with the intention to show off your assassin love.

Comfort -5/5: It might look big, but its lightweight and never feels bothersome or heavy during extended use. Also the over the ear build feels like a pillow against you head

Value -4/5:  Can’t argue with that $89 price tag

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Reviewer: Andrew_Brookins
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Sleek and sexy design mixed with fantastic sound. Its Hard not to bring this home to be apart of your every day gaming life.

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