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Tritton Kama PS4 Stereo Headset Review

Kama’n, you can do better than this

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I’ve always had a reasonably favourable viewpoint of Tritton headsets. Produced by MadCatz, they’ve generally been very well-built headsets with some incredible audio quality to boot. A few of their products have been on the more expensive side – I’m looking at you Warhead – but for the most part they’re worth it. So, when presented with Triton’s debut into PlayStation 4 territory, I expected big things. However, it seems like it’s playing it safe instead.

Actually, I’d say less than safe. Instead, Kama is a wonderful piece of design hampered by somewhat self-imposed limitations and lack of features. Where previous headsets would feature something as simple as a removable microphone, Kama only gives you the option of awkwardly bending it out of the way. You’ve even got to contend with the idea of streaming all sound through the DualShock 4 audio port – not just game chat.

While that may not sound like the biggest of woes, it’s worth remembering that Sony uses Bluetooth to link up with controllers. Bluetooth also heavily compresses audio files, meaning the Kama generally sounds sub-par. Bass is no longer deep, just flat, and highs sound a tad tinny. Turning the volume to full does alleviate this a little, but it’s only a superficial fix, with audio sounding blown out instead.

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It’s nice to not be tethered to the PS4 itself, but for the trade in audio quality, I’d much rather have been given an optical cable to plug into the back. Still, when used to talk with others online, it’s pretty good. Audio quality is crisp and clear, with the bendable microphone being easily positioned to where you want, without being so long it gets in your way.

But, is it really worth paying for a slightly better headset to the one bundled with the PS4? Perhaps, it doesn’t cost too much. But, you can see where some of the money is going thanks to Kama’s rather wonderful design.

Audio controls are presented in line, instead of on the headset itself, making them quite easy to find and use when in a pinch, and they’re extremely comfy to boot. The on-ear speaker cups are padded and make use of, what I can only assume is, faux leather; providing a soft seal around your ear. The headband is also padded, but unlike other Tritton headsets, the whole central band is padded – as opposed to just the underside. This may seem like a tiny thing, and it is, but it does make it lighter on your head.

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So, it’s worth summing up the Kama headset by saying that it’s not quite like the Tritton of yore. Previous efforts would have seen a slew of features, a fully-wired option. Instead, obviously not wanting to invest too heavily so early into a console’s lifetime, Tritton presents the Kama – a headset that’s not much more than an redesigned PlayStation Vita Kunai headset from a year or so ago.


+ Comfortable design
+ Superior chat audio quality to PS4 mono headset
+ Low price


– Poor game audio quality
– Lack of removable microphone
– A yearning for something more

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Reviewer: Vaughn.H
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- Cons
While it's certainly not the worst thing we've heard, it's far from what we expect of Tritton. If you buy this, you'll get what's Kamaing to you (sorry)

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