Virtuix and Sixsense Bring VR to PAX Prime

SixsenseSTEMvirtuixomniPAXPrimeThose of you lucky enough to be heading out to PAX Prime this weekend will be glad to know you’ll be among some of the first to get their hands on a near-complete virtual reality experience thanks to Virtuix and Sixsense.

The two driving companies behind the Omni-directional motion-tracking treadmill and the STEM wireless motion tracking system are teaming up to bring both of their wares into one complete experience on the show floor.

Throughout the event’s 4-day run, Virtuix and Sixsense will be on hand to showcase the pairing that offers to bring not only the walking/running motion-sensing ability of the Omni, but the 1:1 tracking of arms, hands and weapons through the Sixsense STEM system.

It’s just a shame they won’t be throwing the Oculus Rift in as the third wheel.

The eventual pairing of all three systems is what’s driving the sharp interest and movement toward virtual reality in the gaming industry. Upper and lower body movement is implemented through the two showcased peripherals while the Oculus Rift head-mounted display tracks your head movements and projects the images of your in-game world of choice right into your retinas.

It’s the luxary that we expect may become common-place in the not-to-distant future — and you can enjoy that at PAX Prime this weekend!

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