Wii Mini Hit The UK Next Month

The previously Canada-only Wii Mini console will make its way over to the UK next month.

Stripped of features like online connectivity (WiFi or Ethernet), 480p component video input and Gamecube compatability, the Wii Mini is a bare-bones system released at the end of the consoles life-cycle as a cheaper way for players to experience Nintendo’s more unique titles of the generation. While the console sports a fairly different design over its base product. it’s not actually all that much smaller than before.

Retailing for around $99 in Canada, conversion rates bring that to around £66 when it releases in the UK on March 22nd. We’ve all come to realize that’s never the case, however, as UK retailers have yet to announce any firm price points.

Further supporting the release as a way for players to blast through those core titles is Nintendo’s announcement that Super Paper Mario, Mario Power Tennis, Wii Sports Resort and Mario Party 8 will all become the newest additions to the discounted ‘Nintendo Selects‘ range of retail releases.

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