WWE 2K15 would like you to pay for more moves

Good news, everyone! WWE 2K15 has added over thirty new moves to its catalogue. Unfortunately, in spite of the game’s relative dearth of content when compared to previous entries in the series, 2K would like you to pay, “a suggested price of $3.99” for the extra content. At the time of publishing, the new moves are listed at £3.19 on the UK Xbox One marketplace.

New moves include an alternate version of Bray Wyatt’s Sister Abigail, Cesaro’s Gutwrench Suplex, the Usos’ Uso Crazy, and Niki Bella’s Rack Attack.

As I mentioned in my review, WWE 2K15 is sorely lacking in content – including the moves available for your custom characters. The option of more manoeuvres is, of course, welcome – but expecting fans to pay a premium for the privilege is beyond crass.

As wrestling fans will be aware, the new moves are, in fact, signature techniques of the above mentioned wrestlers, which makes their initial omission all the more troubling.

They sure look nice, though, so here’s a trailer:

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