Yoshi’s Wooly World Preview

Crocheting a way into your heart


Yoshi is on of the most loved characters in Nintendo’s catalogue. His bulbous green nose, booty wearing paws, and penchant for pooping out enemies as eggs has earned him his fair share of the limelight now and again. While some of his more recent outings haven’t been the best example of what classic Yoshi titles have – we’re looking at you Yoshi Touch & Go Yoshi’s Wooly World is a glorious return to form.

While I have no idea what the overarching story behind Wooly World is about, nor how Yoshi’s world has become entirely knitted, I honestly couldn’t care. This is one of the cutest and most gleeful games you’ll end up playing on your Wii U. Everything, and I mean everything, is knitted. Seeing Yoshi walk or run sees the squishy wooly ground bending underneath the weight of each step. Jumping sees it bending and folding, and there’s plenty of opportunities to keep falling in love with Yoshi’s world.

As always, Yoshi’s main weapon is also his key way to progress through levels: eating enemies and throwing the resulting eggs Yoshi farts out. This time, however, Yoshi doesn’t throw eggs, he throws balls of yarn. And, instead of swallowing enemies up, Yoshi’s red string tongue slowly unravels enemies from existence. Stomping on them sees the wooly strings tear and fall apart to the ground, and throwing one of your balls of yarn at a Piranha Plant sees its mouth tied shut. Heck, even entering a pipe is is great to watch as Yoshi unravels and reforms on the other side. It’s all just so darn cute.

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Your yarn balls aren’t just used for attacking enemies either as you’ll need to use them to cover wire-frame platforms or objects to make them solid again. You can even use Yoshi’s tongue to unravel secret passageways and open hidden boxes that could be concealing collectable Sunflowers. It needn’t just be Sunflowers either, as you’ll be collecting gems and little walking hearts too, and there’s three hidden Yarn packages to get in each level.

While gameplay is still from a 2D plane, and plays pretty much just like Yoshi’s Island or Yoshi’s Story, this really feels amazingly refreshingly different. While you’d imagine it’d feel more like playing Kirby’s Epic Yarn, it actually seems that Yoshi’s Wooly World might do for Yoshi what Paper Mario did for Mario games – i.e. make you realise there’s so much more depth to that plucky green dinosaur.

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